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Welcome to Dante Fontana: Video artist, Everything Is Terrible! blogger, found footage fanatic, and now a legit DVD label.

Now on DVD!

dante's mystery mix vol.4 dvd
NEW! DANTE'S MYSTERY MIX VOL.4 $6.99   add to cart
run time: approx 124 minutes. Color. USA.
Everything Is Terrible's Dante Fontana is up to his old tricks again, compiling a mix of wonderful footage from all over the world, presented to you on DVD format right on time for the holidays. You'll never guess what's on here! "I live for Dante's DVD mixes! Always a terrific assortment of super rare clips!" --Rob Schrab

colorshop vol.1
NEW! DANTE'S TV TRIP: THE MOVIE (DVD) $14.99   add to cart
run time: approx 86 minutes. Color. USA.
Pick up that remote control and get ready to take a trip through time as Everything Is Terrible!'s Dante Fontana hosts the ultimate '80s & '90s channel surfing party. Dazzle your way through talk shows, made-for-tv movies, informercials, 1-900 numbers, PSA's, TV promos, public access, news reports, commercials, Thanksgiving day parades, game shows, and so much more! Includes the 51 minute movie plus 35 minutes of bonus features! "Take a hilarious trip to the tenth circle of Hell: forgotten VHS tapes." --The Devastator "For the last fifty years, people have been complaining that there's nothing good on TV. That's because it's all on DANTE'S TV TRIP: The Movie" --Bleeding Skull (watch trailer!)

colorshop vol.1
COLORSHOP VOL.1 (DVD) $9.99   add to cart
run time: approx 84 minutes. Color. USA.
Special $9.99 Limited time sale price. "Factory pressed" & shrinkwrapped DVD! Everything Is Terrible's Dante Fontana presents 100+ weird, psychedelic, and interesting television ads from the 60's/70's. Beautifully restored and available on DVD for the very first time! "A groovy assemblage of vintage TV advertisements - bursting with vintage kaleidoscope color schemes, plus groovy psych, easy listening and funk era background music - crazy ads for fast food empires, soft drinks, beers, superstores and more!" --Dusty Groove (Chicago) "Did Jackson 5 write ABC as a tie-in with Alpha-Bits cereal? Subliminal messages will be forever present" --Record Collector Magazine (UK) "Crazed 60's/70's adverts that are guaranteed to blow your mind" --Days Are Numbers (watch trailer!)

Also available:

dante's mystery mix vol.3 dvd
DANTE'S MYSTERY MIX VOL.3 $6.99   add to cart
run time: approx 120 minutes. Color. USA.
Dante takes over the mix-DVD format as if he was the chief programmer of his own personal television station!! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this years annual installment of the Mystery Mix. "The greatest DVD mix ever!! Masterfully curated and executed." --Troy Taroy

dante's mystery mix vol.2 dvd
DANTE'S MYSTERY MIX VOL.2 $6.99   add to cart
run time: approx 120 minutes. Color. USA.
Switch on your fireplace and warm up your television set as Dante programs 2-hours of whatever he wants into your living room. Without any regard to decade, genre, lo-fi, hi-fi, underground, or mainstream. Just hit the play button and enjoy "Mystery Mix, vol.2" at your own risk!!

remote control magic: the movie dvd
REMOTE CONTROL MAGIC: THE MOVIE $14.99   add to cart
run time: approx 75 minutes. Color. USA.
Remote Control Magic is the ultimate 70's channel surfing experience. Dante Fontana guides you on a journey of game shows, news broadcasts, TV shows, commercials, infomercials, PSA's, celebrity specials, made-for-TV movies, network promos, talk shows, dating shows, award shows, live parades, sporting broadcasts, variety shows. Yes, it's all from 70's television and it's all an everflowing fountain of bad haircuts, leisure suits, sexism, disco, supervans, and racial insensitivity, "Entertaining and baffling, with a nauseous aftertaste!" --23wolves. "Absolutely haunting...every image crackles with electric banality" --Bret Berg, Cinefamily. "Fab fever dream eye candy of that fantastic plastic decade, the 1970's." --Richard Metzger, Dangerous Minds. Includes 25 minutes of bonus features! (watch trailer!)

the mouseketeers escape to splash mountain dvd
run time: approx 100 minutes. Color. USA.
Live from America's favorite vacation park! E.I.T.'s Dante Fontana mixes over 90 live action Disney TV Specials from the 70's/80's, and 90's with no shortage of robots, singing, parade floats, dancing kids, and retarded adults. Throw in a calvacade of stars for good measure including Jim Varney, Ricky Schroder, Dreamfinder & Figment, Alan Thicke, Regis Philbin, Michael Keaton, Pablo Cruise, R2-D2, Burt Reynolds, Suzanne Somers, Drew Barrymore, New Kids On The Block, Danny Kaye, Heather O'Rourke, Michael Jackson, Sandy Duncan, Avery Schreiber as "Geppetto", and many many many more! "An embarrassing feast of promotional history from the Disney empire." --G4's Attack of the Show. DVD includes, "THE MOUSEKETEERS ESCAPE TO SPLASH MOUNTAIN", "THE GOLDEN GIRLS RETURN FROM SPACE MOUNTAIN", plus 40 minutes of bonus footage!! (watch trailer!)

dante's mystery mix vol.1 dvd
DANTE'S MYSTERY MIX VOL.1 $6.99   add to cart
run time: approx 120 minutes. Color. USA.
This is a 2-hour mix-DVD Dante made for his friends of random stuff he likes, okay fine he'll share it with you too, even though you are a complete stranger. We can't tell you what's on here, you'll have to be surprised, or disappointed, or whatever... don't complain, just watch it at your own risk!!

colorspace vol.1 dvd
COLORSPACE VOL.1 $14.99   add to cart
run time: approx 120 minutes. Color. USA.
This stunning and colorful two hour compilation of vintage movie trailers, music, and TV ads serves as a journey through 60's/70's pop culture. Specially priced and just in time for the holidays, this DVD features appearances by Brigitte Bardot, Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger & The Trinity, Los Bravos, Tommy Roe, Nancy Sinatra, and many many many more surprises!! "One of the ultimate DVDs to leave on at a party" --Dangerous Minds

colorspace vol.2 dvd
COLORSPACE VOL.2 $14.99   add to cart
run time: approx 124 minutes. Color. USA.
Dante presents his second two hour compilation of vintage movie trailers, music, and TV ads exploring 60's/70's pop culture. This volume features appearances by Raquel Welch, Marianne Faithfull, Soft Machine, Jane Birkin, Cher, Ronnie Bird, Serge Gainsbourg, Nancy & Lee, Johnny Harris Orchestra, Michel Polnareff, Tammi Terrell, Annie Girardot, Shocking Blue, Francoise Hardy, The Carpenters, Anna Karina, and Los Bravos. Fabulous 60's fashions by Andre Courreges, Mary Quaint, Paco Rabanne, choreographed dancing and so more! Plus it comes with cool artwork! The Dangerous Minds blog says of Colorspace "Professional graphic designers and design snobs will love it."

colorspace vol.3 dvd
COLORSPACE VOL.3 $14.99   add to cart
run time: approx 123 minutes. Color. USA.
3rd two hour compilation of vintage movie trailers, music, and TV ads exploring 60's/70's pop culture. This volume features appearances by The Hudson Brothers, Anna Karina, Serge Gainsbourg, Wallace Collection, Tom Jones, David Bowie, Nancy Sinatra, Barry Ryan, P.P. Arnold, Diana Rigg, The Fortunes, Aphrodites Child, The Fifth Dimension, Jane Birkin, Nilsson, Lynda Carter, The Monkees, France Gall, Gabrielle Drake, Susan Anton, Les Poppys, Judy Geeson, Pilot, Salvador Dali, Genevieve Waite, Los Bravos, Suzy Kendall, Candice Bergen, Fabulous 60's fashion, choreographed dancing and so more!

colorspace vol.4 dvd
COLORSPACE VOL.4 $14.99   add to cart
run time: approx 120 minutes. Color. USA.
Dante Fontana's Colorspace series is back with another 2 hour compilation of stunning, colorful, weird & psychedelic footage from the 60's/70's!! A favorite amongst video DJ's and party hosts. Featuring appearances by The Carrie Nations, The Hollies, David Bowie, The Rockin' Berries, Raquel Welsh, The 5th Dimension, Steve McQueen, Tommy James & the Shondells, Diana Ross, Uschi Glass, Marianne Faithful, The Beatles, Michael Caine, Ursula Andress, Dusty Springfield, Amidou, Helen Mirren, The Bee Gees, Herman's Hermits, Los Bravos, Julie Christie, Lee Hazlewood, Andre Courreges, Margaret Lee, Axis, The Monkees, Peggy Moffat, and many many many more!!

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